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Energy monitoring with Panoramic Power.

How do you manage what you don't measure?

Whilst not impossible, it is a lot harder when you are unable to make data backed decisions. When you consider that up to 30% of a building’s energy consumption could be wasted, deploying simple to install monitoring equipment that provides insights to allow you to remove this waste is the single most cost-effective way to reduce your operational expenditure.

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Our proposed technology.

Direct Energy Solutions is an authorised reseller of Centrica’s Panoramic Power and PowerRadar solution. Having worked with the product for many years, DES considers Panoramic Power to be market leader for real time energy monitoring and insights and has significant end to end experience with the product.

Visualise the power.

The hardware.

Panoramic Power sensors measure the current flow through an electric wire in units of Ampere. The current measurement is used for various energy and operational efficiency applications such as off-hours energy consumption identification, anomaly detection, measurement, and verification of savings. The advantage of deploying these sensors is that they are cost effective, non-invasive, maintenance-free and easy to install. This enables quick aggregation of real-time energy consumption data at individual device level.

Pan 42 Power Meter

The Pan-42 Power Meter provides high-accuracy real time power measurements and advanced power quality measurements for main power monitoring, sub-metering and for the metering of large devices. Designed for demanding electrical applications, supporting industry accuracy standards, the Pan-42 Power Meter enables the metering of power, voltage, current, power factor and power quality measurement data.

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Pan Wireless Sensors

A range of devices monitoring of individual circuits and devices.

Pan 10 Sensor

Precision monitoring for circuits and devices up to 7 mm in cable diameter, measuring currents from 0 to 63 A. Features include non-invasive snap-on installation, maintenance-free self-powering, high accuracy, wireless transmission of real-time data every 10 seconds, and freedom from traditional wiring setups.

Pan 12 Sensor

Precision monitoring tailored for circuits and devices up to 18.8 mm in cable diameter, measuring currents from 0 to 225 A. Features include non-invasive snap-on installation, maintenance-free self-powering, high accuracy, wireless transmission of real-time data every 10 seconds, and freedom from traditional wiring setups.

Pan 14 Sensor

High current sensor attaches to any size standard 0–5 A current transformer, allowing measurements at any current range or wire gauge. The wireless sensor and CT are closed around the cable with no additional wiring required. Plus, enjoy all the benefits of the Pan-10 and Pan-12 models.

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Split Core Current Transformer

The Current Transformers produces an output on the secondary winding in proportion to the current flowing in the primary winding (the current in the supply cable that the CT is installed on). CTs are required for Pan-14 and Pan-42 sensors only.

Bridge (Modem)

Gen 4+ Bridge seamlessly delivers energy intelligence from our sensor technology and your utility meters to Power Radar or your preferred software every 10 seconds for visualisation and management. It features plug-and-play installation, flexible mounting options, Wi-Fi/Ethernet connectivity, and cellular connectivity (2G/3G/LTE)*. The bridge also has store capability in case of network loss, field-upgradable firmware, and initial configuration through a built-in web interface. It easily integrates with Power Radar and third-party software using Modbus TCP, and over-the-air upgrades can be enabled for automatic firmware updates from the Power Radar cloud.

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PowerRadar is an energy management software that will sit at the very heart of your energy strategy, providing a single view to visualise and act on your Energy Insight data. Bringing the intelligence and visibility you need to understand and analyse your entire energy estate. PowerRadar provides the latest and most up-to-date energy data analytics via a web-based system.

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Real-time device level data.

PowerRadar offers a robust real-time data analytics dashboard with seamless integration capabilities. It provides actionable energy intelligence from single and multiple sites, accessible to multiple users via desktop and mobile app. Real-time 24/7 trigger alerts promptly identify inefficiencies, anomalies, or failures, mitigating risks and aiding cost management.

The benefits speak for themselves.

Panoramic Power provides insights and tools that will enable

Enable data-led decisions.

Optimise investment decisions by leveraging authentic energy data, enabling informed choices for maximising ROI.

Benchmarking energy usage.

Track and collate various building energy baselines to allow for comparison, improvement, and energy efficiencies across multiple sites within your portfolio.

Proactive maintenance strategies.

Create predictive maintenance alerts to extend the life of your equipment.

Energy insights.

Comprehensively understand your energy footprint with real-time, device-level monitoring.

Optimising on-site assets.

Track performance of on-site assets and view real-time consumption, cost, and carbon data.

Enhancing operational efficiency.

Improve operational efficiency through the identification of poor performing assets.

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