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Energy Audit.

Energy audits have become increasingly important in recent years with the rising prices of energy and the volatility of the market as a whole.

A man performs an energy audit.

Let's explain the boring stuff.

An energy audit comprehensively assesses a building or facility's energy use and efficiency. It typically includes a review of the building's energy consumption, an assessment of the building's systems and equipment, and an analysis of the potential for energy savings. The audit also provides a report with recommendations for energy-saving measures and improvements.

In business terms, an energy audit can help a company identify ways to reduce energy consumption, improve energy efficiency, and ultimately lower energy costs. By identifying and addressing areas of energy inefficiency, a business can realise significant cost savings on their energy bills over time. Additionally, by implementing energy-saving measures, a company can also help to reduce its carbon footprint and improve its environmental sustainability.

An energy audit can also help a business comply with energy-related regulations and requirements and access government incentives. Additionally, by demonstrating a commitment to energy efficiency, a business may be able to improve its reputation and attract environmentally conscious customers.

Do you need one?

For businesses with over 250 employees, it is a legal requirement to conduct an energy audit every 4 years. Although they are not a legal requirement for SMEs, they are still extremely beneficial as they can reduce your costs, save energy, and help you create a very well-structured energy strategy.

The benefits speak for themselves

An energy audit will help you find out exactly how energy efficient your building is, meaning you have a deep understanding of the areas you can improve and where you can create savings.


An energy audit can identify areas where a business is using energy inefficiently and recommend ways to reduce energy consumption and lower energy bills.


An energy audit can help a business comply with regulations and standards related to energy efficiency and environmental performance.

decision making.

By identifying the energy consumption patterns and sources, an energy audit can provide the information necessary for making informed decisions about energy-related investments.


An energy audit can help a business to reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to protecting the environment.


An energy audit can identify opportunities to improve indoor air quality and lighting, which can enhance the comfort and productivity of employees.


Showing that a business is taking steps to improve its energy efficiency can help it to stand out in a competitive marketplace.

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