Oct 16, 2023

The Proof is in the Pudding for LED Lighting Upgrades

How Hammersmith and Fulham Council is Saving £540,000 Annually with LED Lighting Upgrades

The Proof is in the Pudding for LED Lighting Upgrades

The Power of Going Green

We often hear about the benefits of adopting energy-efficient technologies, but it's not every day that we see such a compelling example of these benefits in action. Hammersmith and Fulham Council has set a remarkable precedent by installing LED lighting across more than 450 of its buildings. The result? A whopping £540,000 in annual energy savings!

Hammersmith and Fulham Council
Source: Hammersmith and Fulham Council

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

The council's initiative is no small feat. It involves the replacement of over 23,500 light fittings and 11,000 emergency lights, primarily in communal areas and hallways of council estates. This massive overhaul is expected to significantly reduce the council's annual energy expenditures by £540,000.

More Than Just Monetary Savings

But the benefits don't stop at cost savings. The transition to LED lighting is also expected to have a positive impact on the environment. The council estimates that this shift will reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 122 tonnes annually. To put that into perspective, it's equivalent to the emissions from 120 return flights between London and New York!

A Word from the Council

Councillor Rowan Ree, Hammersmith and Fulham Cabinet Member for Finance and Reform couldn't be more pleased with the results. He said, "These huge savings help keep your council tax low as we deliver ruthlessly financially efficient services. And they're also better for the environment as they last much longer and cost less to run than traditional bulbs."

The Takeaway

The Hammersmith and Fulham Council's LED lighting initiative serves as an inspiring example for other councils and organisations looking to make a meaningful impact on both their bottom line and the environment. It's a win-win situation that proves the value of investing in energy-efficient technologies.

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