Dec 4, 2023

What's the plan for COP28?

What is the plan for COP28? Will the first ever ‘Stocktake’ show positive results for Net-Zero?

What's the plan for COP28?

What is COP28?

COP stands for ‘Conference of Parties’ which is held in the UNFCCC or the ‘United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, quite a handful I know! COP events are annual conferences which offer the facilities for nations to negotiate, agree and tackle issues linked to climate change and global warming.

This year's COP event will take place from the 30th of November to the 12th of December, at Expo City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. There are now 198 parties within COP, (197 counties and the European Union).

Why is COP28 so important?

COP28 is an extremely important COP event, as it is the first ‘Global Stocktake’ of the Paris Agreement, this means we will know exactly how far we have come since then and more importantly, how far we have to go to reach our goals.

Chris Skidmore, Chair of the Net Zero Review, said:

“The fact that over 2000 businesses and individuals working to attract investment into the UK have signed up to go further on our net zero commitments and are calling on the government also to do so shows that net zero is an opportunity to deliver a cleaner, better future and at the same time grow our economy and realise the benefits that the energy transition can bring.”

What is the plan for COP28?

There are three main goals for COP28, these goals are hoping to course correct and set us on a path to success. The three goals are as follows:

The negotiated outcome

‘An ambitious outcome on adaptation, mitigation, loss and damage, finance, and means of implementation which is comprehensive in looking backward while equally looking forward to identifying gaps. It should rally all Parties around concrete, equitable solutions to close those gaps, inform NDCs and NAPs, and enshrine Paris-aligned 2030 pathways, including pursuing efforts to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5°C.’

The Action Agenda

‘An immediate response of real-world, inclusive policy, finance, and technology solutions that pushes new resources, partners, and champions to coalitions in each sector—framed by a two-day World Climate Action Summit and an innovative two-week program.’

A call to action with a clear message to the world

‘on how every government, industry, and individual can play their part in the exponential change needed to correct the course of our current development pathway, to ensure we are on track to achieve what the science says is needed by 2030.’

In conclusion, COP28, with its inaugural 'Global Stocktake' of the Paris Agreement, stands as a crucial juncture in our ongoing struggle against climate change. This event, taking place at Expo City, Dubai, symbolises a moment of reckoning, a time to evaluate our progress and acknowledge the challenges that remain. The three central goals of COP28 – a negotiated outcome focusing on comprehensive solutions, an action agenda promoting real-world policies and innovations, and a global call to action – are ambitious yet essential. As Chris Skidmore highlights, the commitment from businesses and individuals to go beyond current net-zero commitments demonstrates a collective drive towards a sustainable and economically thriving future. COP28 is not just another conference; it is a beacon of hope and a catalyst for tangible, equitable change, urging every nation, industry, and individual to play their part in shaping a resilient, climate-conscious world.

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